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Walk out Exhibition

WALK OUT     November 30 2018 – December 15 2018

WALK OUT is an exhibition of the work made through engagement with the ‘Walking Arts Research Group'. Much of the work is a free-form response to the rural and urban environment.

Walking Arts Research Group at Sheffield Hallam University provides a collaborative space for the investigation of cross-practice creative production linked to a range of walking practices.

​WARG has become a forum for practice and reflection, where the group acts as a vessel, enabling individuals and collaborations to generate their own areas of research interest. The benefits of group research are more than just the individual research outputs. Conversations have been playful and inventive. Trust, respect and understanding has developed between colleagues as well as the obvious aspects of well-being associated with walking.

​The positive impact of walking among the academic staff team has been noted, especially a sense of group cohesion. As the exhibition title suggests the activity of WARG acts as an antidote to the negative aspects of the corporate environment. We aim to extend this practice to include students on our courses to provide a alternative setting for interaction between staff and students without the classroom hierarchy and with the benefits of being outdoors  with an attitude of creative play.

The process of making this work was similar to my previous piece created for solar the bird was a digital 3D model animated in a sequence then each frame 3D printed to create a wing flap.

 Spatially and experientially our interpretations are informed by a complex fabric of references. This layering is multiplied when working with the moving image, audio and actual space. It is this interaction or collision which structures his work, creating visual experiences enabled through the medium and reliant on the individual to fill, or leave empty, the gaps.

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